Branded pens

Branded pens are small items with a big impact. It is of the most important things we have with us at all times, even in a growing digital world.

There are many advantages of using promotional pens for creating brand awareness.

It is not only cost effective but also always viable on any desk. With so many options available you can make your brand stand out and at a price point to suit your budget. Our range includes sustainable options made from bamboo, wood, cork, paper and wheat straw. 

branded pens

Antibacterial properties.

Although not meant as a substitute for proper hand cleaning and hygiene regime, daily use products with antibacterial properties can help to avoid unnecessary spread of bacteria. These products contain a special additive (nano silver) with properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the item. Our range of antibacterial pens and stationery all come in white for a nice clean look. 

branded antibacterial pens

Long lasting inkless pen. this pen has a metal alloy tip and as you write, it oxidises the surface of the paper without leaving residue. A sustainable alternative for the traditional pen.

Branded inkless pen

Pens made from paper. Branded eco friendly paper pens.

Branded paper pens

Sustainable branded bamboo pens.

branded bamboo pens

Sustainable wood and cork pens

branded wood and cork pens

Aluminium pens, ABS pens, gift sets, and wheat straw pens. Our executive gift sets are elegantly presented, in boxes, these unisex gifts are best sellers.

Branded highlighters and fun pens

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