Branded tech gifts

Branded tech gifts and accessories, Creating a greater impact. 

Functional tech related products can really make you company stand out from the crowd. From fully personalised power banks and USB’s, speakers or greener alternatives like bamboo wireless chargers. All long lasting multi and daily use items that will immediately enhance and raise the profile of your brand promotion.  View the range here

Branded tech gifts
True wireless stereo earphones. These earphones are connected to your device via wireless technology. By pairing with devices such as phones, tablets or computers you can join any online conference event, take calls or listen to music without bothering others around you. Both functional and stylish.
Branded wireless speaker

Home office experience.

With so many people now working from home or remotely, branded tech gifts make excellent gift choices. Video and teleconferencing has become more and more important and is now a part of our everyday lives. Keep your employees motivated and assure they have all the required daily essentials at their home work space.

An easy and convenient design. This desk organiser in limestone and bamboo not only looks great on any desk but includes wireless charging functionality just by placing your wireless charging enabled phone on the organiser it will start the charging immediately.